I've been captivated by the world of photography since the age of 18 and had my own darkroom. Now especially in retirement; I find myself enjoying the outdoors and taking daily road trips often to capture the beauty of nature.

When people inquire about the camera I use, I smile. It's a fair question, but the essence of photography resides not within the camera, but within the photographer's mind and eyes. As Ansel Adams wisely said: "You don't take a photograph, you make it.".

True mastery lies in observing and appreciating the world's nuances. It's about perceiving the extraordinary in the ordinary, selecting the perfect light for a specific scene, and weaving your vision with other elements. Over the years, I've honed my craft, cultivating a unique perspective that breathes life into nature's wonders.

The images I create today are a culmination of decades immersed in photography. Unlike those who find photography only not in retirement, my journey began by working at a TV station when TV first started in my native country Turkiye (Turkey). So, if I may proudly say, I am in that small group of people who launched Turkish TV broadcasts for the first time in 1967.

So, during the era of black-and-white (B&W) film, I spent a decade working as a news photojournalist for 'TRT-TV'. This fast-paced environment immersed me in stories that transcended time zones and borders. My images captured fleeting moments and graced TV screens across the nation and sometimes even the globe. I learned to 'SEE'... I mean not taking only a 'LOOK' but to 'SEE' with my pre-vision, before pushing on the shutter button. As you can imagine, there were not any options for me to repeat the shot; and later on to crop and/or apply additional post-processing steps, etc. My duty was to capture the action in the best way that would cover the story in the best composition, image quality, and in a meaningful way in a short footage length because it was for TV news. I have applied these same principles to my photography since then. Willingness on the part of the photographer to re-visualize the final image at any point in the entire photographic process. This is a fundamental concept promoted to the world by Ansel Adams and other famous photographers.

Now when I am shooting with my photographer friends, some of them notice and ask me why I don't take many pictures like them. Do you know why? If I don't visualize, if I don't see anything that is calling me in, I don't take a picture, that is why. My photographic philosophy is as simple as that. I prefer not to document but rather work in a creative mindset.

At the end of 1975, I moved to Mexico City and started working for a men's & women's high fashion accessories (mostly in leather) production company called 'Aries' as a designer. In the following years I opened a Kodak-affiliated retail store called 'Photo Istanbul' together with a graphic design studio. My darkroom was my creative haven, where my graphic designs and photography jobs were done for some of the most well-known companies; servicing them with their publication needs along with providing large-scale B&W photographic prints and posters to my retail store clients.

Then in 1983 when I moved to the US, my path was woven through commercial photo processing labs, and immediately entered into the computer world when I attended Community College (1994). Meanwhile, I started doing freelance graphic & web design on the side; amounting to a lifelong commitment to photography which now has lasted a half-century. Creating websites became a natural extension of this knowledge, culminating in several successful projects. For example, this web gallery you are visiting now has been made totally by myself, almost brick by brick. A testament to my commitment to digital craftsmanship. In my earlier years, I managed websites for clients; a testament to my versatile skill set.

Retirement hasn't deterred my zest for exploration. Despite age and weather, I embark on journeys to distant places, even today I am a little older than you see in my picture at the top of this page, and I still often accompany my fellow photography enthusiasts on outings. My subjects become my companions as I immerse myself, capturing each moment's essence. Photography is not confined to cameras and equipment; it's a dance of vision, presence, and keen observation. Again, my aim is creativity, seeking to convey unique perspectives rather than predictable snapshots and documentary photography.

I entered into computer world in 1992 with a homemade computer given to me by my brother-in-law then I purchased my first computer in 1994 and then my first digital camera in 1998. This journey led me to immerse myself in computer technology, learning software applications through nights of dedicated exploration. Retirement led me to pivot, but my technical prowess and meticulous approach remain unwavering. As I mentioned above; I've embraced technology's transformative power, utilizing professional-grade graphic editing software for my creations. No end to learning, I am still eager to learn.

Thank you for delving into my story. Within this gallery, I invite you to discover the beauty of nature and the tranquility that the great State of Arizona outdoors has to offer. Plus, nature-related images, I also placed into this gallery some other topics of interest that I enjoy. May my images resonate with your sense of peace and joy. Remember to bookmark this site. Thank you.



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